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No one knew me

the tears are filling up their glasses

A love once new has now grown old
7 March
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names Amanda..and yup i believe thats it
92.1, amber, amber freaking gove, andrew, beastie boys, bex, bi boys, big bows, black, black and white things, blindside, books, bowling for soup, brand new, bright eyes, butts, caffiene, cameras, candy, cd players, cd's, checkers, cheese, choir, cold air, comfy beds, comfy pillows, courtney, cuddling, cursive, dashboard confessional, david bowie, doritos, dr pepper, drums, ducks, emo, emo boys, ewan mcgregor, finding nemo, frank sinatra, fuzzy handcuffs, gay sex, gidget, glassjaw, good music, grapefruits, guitars, guys in drag, ian, indie, jackets, james darren, jim breuer, joe, jonathan rhys meyer, jonnie good girls, juliana theory, kermit da frog, kissing, larger than life, leather, leopard print, local bands, michael callan, michael pitt, music, my dog maggie, noise ratchet, old blink 182, old cars, old madonna, old teen movies, pablo fransisco, pictures, pizza, placebo, please mr gravedigger, pretty boys, pretty girls make graves, punk, punk rock 101, radiohead, rage against the machine, real friends, rickie, rufio, sandra dee, saves the day, scarlet symphony, sex hair, sleep, soft sheets, something corporate, stairwell, stephen speaks, steven lynch, stickers, suburban legends, sum 41, taking back sunday, teddy bears, the 50's, the 70's, the 80's, the apples, the bandits, the beatles, the rocket summer, the starting line, the white stripes, tight pants, time bomb ticking, toothbrushes, vanilla, velvet goldmine, venus in furs, vroom, warren beatty, yellowcard, yogurt mill, your hand on mine